Special Movements

BracePort specializes in successfully handling special shipments. Some of the completed projects which have been done by us are:

1. Movement of Oxygen Concentrators during
COVID 19 pandemic

BracePort's involvement in delivering oxygen concentrators demonstrates the company's commitment to support the healthcare infrastructure and help those in need. BracePort team's efforts to help people battling from Covid 19 were significant during times of increased demand for oxygen concentrators due to the surge in COVID-19 pandemic globally.
The dedicated Covid warriors of BracePort team handled oxygen concentrators during the 2nd wave of pandemic from April to June 2021 and did their last mile deliveries to the hospitals of Delhi and UP. The team was also instrumental in delivering oxygen concentrators to small villages of UP where the modern medication couldn’t reach.

2. RORO movement of consignments (Roll In Roll Out)

RORO movement provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for transporting wheeled cargo, simplifying the logistics process and ensuring efficient transportation of vehicles from one destination to another. BracePort has successfully handled over 1250 Ford vehicles in 3 lots which were shipped from China to Thailand, by ocean. These movements were carried out between January to March 2023. With the area of expertise in RORO, BracePort successfully delivered the entire consignment safely and well in time. RORO movement is widely used in the automotive industry, where manufacturers and distributors utilize these services to move their products efficiently and economically. Therefore, using the same movement technique, BracePort team also shipped Daimler FUZU trucks from Japan to Thailand.

3. Movement of equipment for Cambodia 2023 Southeast Asian Games

BracePort metculously moved equipment for the 32nd edition of SEAGAMES 2023 from India to Cambodia. These were in FCL (Full container Loads) from Delhi and Mundra to Sihanoukville and then to Phnom Phen. This biennial sports multi-sport event was held from 5th to 17th May 2023 in Phnom Penh. The complex process of movement of equipment and machinery was simplified by Team BracePort..